4444 fun, cute & funky collectible Sugar Buddies who bet on looking good in the metaverse & bring on digital clothing. Living on Ethereum blockchain.

They celebrate life with their wild and wacky ways!
They’re super cool and super cute!, but be careful with their eyes made out of sugar crystals, look closely at them and you’ll be hypnotized and flooded with positive vibes!

The Metaverse Fashion Club

They´re unique, they´re rare, they´re funny.
They´re Sugar Buddies!

Those weird buddies invite you to become a member of this exclusive Metaverse Fashion Club. They were born on a mission, to be the brand reference of top clothes and accessories in the Metaverse!

As a holder of SB NFT, you not only have access to exclusive Sugar Buddy virtual clothing and accessories, but you also get involved in the design process, which turns you from a collector into a creator with benefits!

Are you in?

Sugar Buddy Traits

They are 100% Sugar … 100% Buddies.
Everyone is a pixel art masterpiece drawn by Simon Butler, our Bafta-nominated artist.
Based on more than 150 traits there are plenty of unique identities, randomly combined, but some of them are rare than others. 
We believe in the diversity and aesthetically artwork that celebrates life!



  • Create social media & website
  • Community building and marketing Whitelist
  • Erc721 smart contract deployed and verified.


  • Pre-sale and public minting
  • Opensea & Looks Rare listings
  • Community and Data rarity tools…


We’re happy you join our Club as a Sugar Buddy holder!, and we want to share the Sugar Goodness with you!
We will airdrop 10 NFT Sugar Buddies to our holders and 1 ETH to a random OG Sugar Buddy owner from the Whitelist.


  • 1 ETH will be sent to a random Sugar Buddy owner.
  • Celeb & Influencer Marketing to build exclusivity and brand value.
  • 5 ETH will be donated to community choice charity.


Launch of Sugar Buddy limited editions merchandise store, 100% Sugar … 100% Buddies!
Sugar Buddy exclusive clothing made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Each collector will automatically be eligible for giveaways of 100 apparel items! If your Sugar Buddy NFT is used in any cloth, you will receive a 20% royalty on each sale.



You have been amazing Buddies! Thank you so much!
What’s next?

  • To create brand awareness, we will expand the Sugar Buddy community around NFT art, fashion and Metaverse through Celeb and Influencer marketing to build exclusivity and brand value.
  • We will be working with top fashion designers to make the best appealing and styling clothes in the Metaverse!
  • Launching $SBC ERC-20 Token and airdropping to the Sugar Buddy NFT holders.
  • New exclusive Sugar Buddies will be released with special perks to all of our original Sugar Buddy holders.
  • NFT staking
  • Sugar Buddy Roadmap V2

Buddies family

About the founder

Ninoti is an unflagging entrepreneur, Art and fashion lover, NFT enthusiast, mother and founder of Sugar Buddy Club.

“As I got involved into the web3 and learned about NFTs I realized there’s so much opportunity there for women lead projects to build up and get impact in these new worlds …
I think it’s really important that we bring consciousness to women creators and entrepreneurs, raising each other up and channelling the power of collaboration — having a lot of fun along the way.

Our unique art fueled collection is inspired by the friendship.. sugar buddies claim for equality and inclusion for all!”


Sugar Buddy FAQ

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is an ERC-721 standard token which means each token is unique, of different value, transferable, and originality, and ownership can be traced on the Blockchain ledger it was created. All NFT tokens are recorded or “Minted” into the Blockchain Ledger. These records are immutable and public.
Whitelist mint is Monday March 21th, 12pm CET. Public mint is Friday March 25th, 12pm CET.
First, you will need to create a Crypto Wallet. We recommend Metamask (metamask.io). Then you’ll need to buy some Ether with your Credit Card or Bank Account, and finally, you can Connect your Wallet on this page and MINT your unique Sugar Buddy NFT!
Pre-sale: Maximum 2 NFT per wallet - Public sale: Maximum 10 NFT per wallet.
Absolutely not! You can join our Discord at any time during any portion of our NFT sale/presale with no obligation to buy a Sugar Buddy NFT. Our community is our source of strength and unity, so we welcome you to join and participate openly.
Absolutely! Once you successfully MINT your Sugar Buddy NFT on this site, you own that ERC-721 token, and you can do with it what you wish.
Yes, you can sell your Sugar Buddy NFT on any NFT marketplace which supports the Ethereum Blockchain, and all revenues are yours to keep. We apply a 5% commission that will be headed to the community's treasure.
Pre-sale: 0.035 ETH - Public sale: 0.045 ETH
Yes! Each Sugar Buddy NFT will receive future airdrops and bonuses.